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Hendrick’s Gin

“Unusual”, “perculiar”, “odd” and “curious”, these are just some of the words associated with Hendric’s Gin ( by their own advertising/marketing team! ).

Hendrick’s Gin, established in 1886 is both a delicious gin and an experience into their eccentric “Alice in Wonderland” type world.  But not to be taken in jest, Hendrick’s was voted “Best Gin in The World” by the Wall Street Journal in 2003.

Produced in “miniscule” batches ( 450 litres, to give the master distiller extra quality control ) ,in Girvan, a seaside village in South Ayrshire, Scotland ) this Gin uses lowland soft water, and is distilled with unique botanicals and infused with a “perculiar” mix of cucumber and rose.

The emphasis is on quality and the unique “experience” Hendrick’s encourages and advises.

The list of cocktails made possible using this gin is also unique, including wild and fantastical names such as the “St. James Cobbler”, Cucumber Grenade” and “Mr. Pickles”.  With an unusually unique stength of 41.4%, give in to this “most iconoclastic gin”.

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