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Bombay Sapphire

With its distictive, iconic bottle design, opulent artistic advertising, colonial heritage, since it’s release in the early 90’s Bombay Sapphire has quickly become a true British classic fit for royalty ( notice Queen Victoria on the label! ).

Dating back to 1761, this opulent spirit derives from a secret dry gin recipe which includes 10, 100% fresh ingredients ( or botanicals ) making it unique amongst its rivals.  Even the method of production separates it from the rest as it uses a method called “vapour infusion” to capture the complex and varied flavour and aroma’s ( instead of boiling ) But what are these 10 mystical ingredients which make this gin so special, and what do they add you may ask?  Let us enrich your knowledge…( in no particular order )…

1. Almonds from Spain ( for nuttiness )2. West-African grains of paradise ( spice ), 3. Spanish lemon peel ( citrus ), 4. Liquorice from China ( depth), 5. Italian Juniper Berries ( aroma ), 6. Italian Orris Root ( fragrance ), 7. Angelica Root from Saxony ( flavour ), 8. Moroccan Coriander Seeds ( spice ), 9. Cassia Bark from Indo-China ( warmth ) and lastly, 10. Cubeb berries ( warmth ).

So the recipe is no secret, but it is the specific quantity used of these aromatics which makes Bombay Sapphire particularly complex but highly palatable brand of Gin.

If you fancy a new twist to some of the classic gin based drinks, at 40% strength and with such a royal, international heritage, Bombay Sapphire should be your choice, give it a try! ( p.s, the bottle is a sapphire colour but the gin as actually clear! ).

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