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Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a Belgian ( not French! ) beer first produced by the master brewer Sebastianus Artois at the Dan Horen brewery in Leuven, Belgium.  It is still brewed in Leuven today and also an additional branch in Jupille, outside Belgium is brewed in the U.K, Australia and even as far as the Ukraine.

Early tax records show the Van Horen Brewery was in production as early as 1366 ( the date featured on the cans and bottles ).  The Stella logo and famous colours of red & gold on a white background are also emblazened with the famous “horn” symbol if the Dan Horen brewery.

Famous for it’s continental epic-style advertising and a “9-step” pouring ritual ( including the infamous slicing of the “head” of beer and chalice-like glass ),  it is even recommended that for full enjoyment Stella be served at a perfect 3 degrees celcius ( look closely on cans and bottles! ).  Most recently Stella Artois are trying to distance themselves from the negative image/nickname in the U.K of “wife-beater” ( due to the strength of 5% ) and released Stella 4% in the last 2 years.  A full-bodied taste and a blonde colour, Stella Artois are also famous for sponsoring famous events such as sporting events like tennis and outdoor film screenings.

Stella Artois are now trying to conquer the cider market with it’s launch of Stella “Cidre” ( not Cider!, as featured in it’s continual  “French” style recent television campaign ).  Belgian heritage, advertised as French, this beer is still the favourite for many of the U.K’s continental beer lovers.  Salut!

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