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Red Stripe

With similar “livery” of red & white colours along with the phrase “lager beer” featured on packaging, at first glance a beer virgin could be fooled into thinking Stella Artois and Red Stripe are similar.  But the colours and phrasing are where the similarities end, as Red Stripe and its image are as far from Stella Artois, as Belgium is to Jamaica!

Red Stripe was first created by two Jamaicans, Desnoes and Geddes in 1928 when they first began brewing their creation in an old fizzy-drinks factory in Kingston, Jamaica.

And today the boys should be proud as the Red Stripe brand has accumilated many awards over the years including 11 gold medals at the “Monde Selection” and the “Grand Gold Medal” in Barcelona in 1991.  Red Stripe has a well balanced light, smooth taste and a golden colour.  Hops are specially imported from the Yakima Valley in the good ol’ U.S of A.  Not hugely famed for it’s advertising campaigns, Red Stripe is more well known for it’s involvement ( Red Stripe Music Awards ) and support of “world” music events including genres such as reggae, jazz, ska, funk, african and blues.

Red Stripe is one of my personal favourites, smooth tasting and easy to drink, delicious served ice-cold ( as suggested on the cans and bottles ) and a moderate strength of 4.7%, “Irie!”.

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