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Fosters Lager

With its distictive blue label and humourous antipodean “Aussie” advertising, Fosters Beer has become one of the nations favourite brand of beer.  Fosters, created by siblings Ralph and William Foster in 1887 is a pale, golden, light beer with an alcohol percentage of 4%.  It is brewed in 8 countries ( including Canada, China and Sweden! ), sold in over 140 countries and is the largest selling Australian beer brand in the world, “strewth!”.

In fact Fosters is so popular in the U.K it’s the best selling beer after Carling.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, Fosters does not enjoy the same success in its native Australia, where other beer brands such as Victoria Bitter, Tooheys and “XXXX” are the favoured.  Most memorably advertised by Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan in the mid-eighties as “The Amber Nectar”, Fosters continues it’s success with the latest multimedia advertising campaign “Fosters-Good Call”.

Fosters is a great alternative to the stronger and stronger tasting European beers available, and the secret lies in the brewing process.   Special hops are added toward the end of production to preserve freshness, also “exclusively secret” Fosters yeast ( which doesnt produce the stronger, harsher taste other beers can have ) is added to produce the final product we all love, the pale Amber Nectar.

Crack open some cold tinnies and if you feel the urge, throw a few shrimps on the barbie! [scrape:1]

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