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Carlsberg Lager

Famously advertised as “Probably the best lager, in the world”, Carlsberg has become one of the biggest brands, not only in brewing quality beer, but for Football sponsorship and  also it’s early innovation of beer production.

Founded by J.C Jacobsen in 1847, Carlsberg, named after his son Carl and the Danish word for hill Bjerg ( where Jacobson planned to build his brewery ) is sold in 150 markets worldwide and around 35,000,000,000 bottles are produced every year, that’s some hangover! The Carlsberg innovations include the invention of the p.h scale and the world first beer fermenter.

In fact the quality and purity of the beer was so great that it was the one and only beer appointed to serve the Royal Danish Court. Available in 3 varieties ( regular 3.8% strength, export 5% strength and the infamously mind blowing “Special Brew” a whopping 9% strength ) the perfect balance of malt and yeast make the original Carlberg light and easy to drink.

Together with it’s distictive, timeless “art-nouveaux” label design ( used since 1904! ) and the purity of it’s ingredients ( quality symbolised by the hop-leaf symbol ) Carlberg has become one of the worlds best known beer brands and today sponsors many of the U.K’s Football events at all levels ( the official beer of the England Football Team, stay off the Special Brew boys! ) including UEFA Euro 2012 and various lower divisions as well as Sunday League football.  Carlsberg also sponsor Premiership teams including Liverpool, Spurs and the newly promoted Q.P.R.

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